Our Rescues

Our belief is that all dogs, purebred or mixed breed, deserve a caring, life-long family. In addition to our Corgis, we have also shared our home and our hearts with mixed-breed dogs. For pet seekers, we strongly recommend you look for your next dog at your local shelter. Mixed-breed dogs can be as intelligent and healthy as their purebred cousins. Certainly their capacity to love and be loved is no different. We cannot state it passionately enough ~ it is unethical and immoral to contribute to the shelter population and the certain death that shelter over-crowding brings by allowing unsuitable dogs to breed! You’ll have a healthier, happier, more loving, and longer-lived friend if you ensure he is neutered or she is spayed.

Unfortunately, some Corgis are turned into rescue or shelters by owners who didn’t understand the responsibilities of caring for a dog or didn’t take into consideration the personality traits and health issues of Corgis. Corgis are herding dogs, meaning they are used to being able to think for themselves and they need to have something to do. If you don’t provide them with an outlet for their energy and drive, they’ll think up something themselves, which may not be something you’d like for them to do! Corgis are generally healthy (but can suffer from eye, joint, spinal cord, and blood disorders), and often live to 12-15 years old and beyond – that’s a long-term commitment! Corgi rescue groups throughout the country foster these Corgis, ensuring all necessary veterinary care is provided, and once health, training, and temperament issues are evaluated and resolved, find appropriate forever homes for them. Rescue is NOT a money-making proposition! Corgi lovers volunteer to feed, house, train, and love (for a little while anyway) the Corgis in their care. Adoption fees go to pay for veterinary care and other necessities.

One more word about adopting a rescue Corgi – please don’t be offended by the questions that rescue people ask. While the questions may seem personal, the rescue people are trying to do their very best to make a perfect match between dog and family!

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