Our Puppies


We are proud of our dogs and proud to show them to you. We breed trying to improve the breed and meet the standard, bringing together quality dogs in hopes of building on their strengths in the next generation. We are extremely careful in selecting individuals who are compatible in phenotype and genotype. All of our dogs are diligently health tested and those results are made public. Dogs that do not meet those standards are not bred and are removed from the gene pool (i.e. spayed or neutered).

What we are NOT doing is selling puppies over the Internet!

In every litter, we hope for a puppy or two of show quality. The difference between pet and show potential puppies is usually something as small as a dot of white in the “wrong” place. Their health and temperament are no different. Our goals to prevent or at least breed away from genetic disease and incorrect temperament are the same. They are raised with the same care and concern. A “pet” puppy is not a LESSER puppy.

As you might imagine, placing puppies we have taken such care to bring into this world and raised so conscientiously to be healthy and happy dogs is of great importance to us. If you are interested in adding a KeelMtn Corgi to your family, please feel free to contact us. You may use our Puppy Questionnaire to start off with if you like. The questions we ask are not meant to be intrusive or judgmental. They are merely to help us determine if a KeelMtn Corgi is right for you and your family. This is but an initial step to a lifelong relationship between you and your dog. Please, also, feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

 A KeelMtn puppy WILL

  • be AKC Limited (non breeding) registered
  • have age appropriate vaccinations following a modified Dr. Jean Dodds’ protocol
  • have been wormed, if necessary
  • be microchipped
  • be spayed or neutered, or will have to be before registration is released
  • have dewclaws removed and tails docked
  • have begun leash, potty, and crate training
  • have been Volhard or Hastings puppy aptitude tested
  • have a relationship with its breeder who is concerned about its health and welfare for its entire lifetime, not just until the check clears

A KeelMtn puppy WILL NOT:

  • be shipped to persons unknown to us
  • be sold as “breeding stock”
  • be placed before 10 weeks of age
  • be placed as a “surprise” present or during the holidays
  • be re-sold or re-placed; will be returned to us at any time during its life if it cannot be kept

Current litter and plans

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