If dogs can be faulted for one thing, it would be that they are never with us long enough, however long it is. The KeelMtn Corgis are saddened to learn that two corgis important to us have recently crossed The Bridge.

“Charlie” was one of our first rescue dogs. At 5 years old, he and his brother “Enzo” were dropped at an El Paso shelter by the family who had had them from puppyhood, stating they no longer “had time” for them. While the newly re-christened Lorenzo spent his days as a beach boy in Galveston, Charlie headed up to Salt Lake City, where he went on to much fame and fortune in the performance rings. He was officially known as “West Texas Good Ol’ Boy, OAP, OJP, OAC, OJC, OGC, TG-O, TN-N, WV-N, PS1, RS-O, GS-O, JS-O” His person and partner, Christa, and Charlie did all of this despite a cataract in his left eye. Fly free, Charlie, and take all of the off-courses you want!

Charlie in younger days.

We also send aarrrooos to the “family” at Maroak and Arbor on the loss of their “Pieper”, Ch. Arbor Sand Pieper, at 14. How many times have I written that name on entry forms? He is the sire of my heart dog, “Phoebe” and as I saw this photo – one I hadn’t seen before – I was struck by how much Phoebe resembles her daddy.  She and I will show (or rather, The Princess will allow me to trail after her as she struts her stuff) in the veterans class this weekend in Jackson, MS. Pieper, this one’s for you!

Pieper as a young man.