Hot Fun in the Summertime!

While we’re taking a small break from the show ring this summer, we’re doing some other fun things we usually don’t have time for or to try things we haven’t done before. One of those things is Lure Coursing. Dori and June both earned legs to their Couring Ability titles. Both girls thought that “chase the bunny” was too much fun!


They Did! They Did!

All three – Dori, Charity, and Tony – earned the PHC title at the PWCCGA’s herding instinct test! Charity went to work right away on the sheep like she thought it was the best thing ever. Dori liked the sheep well enough, but REALLY turned on to the ducks, so much so that I thought we were going to have to buy one! And my sweet, little Tony-man didn’t care for the sheep at all, but happily worked the ducks Border Collie-style, head down with the “eye”. It was a glorious Easter Day in Wintersville, GA, made even more enjoyable by spending it with good friends and good dogs!

Chase the Bunny!

Some great photos of Harmony – KeelMtn Ain’t Misbehavin’ (S.T.A.R Puppy) – as she shows off her exceptional skill at Lure Coursing this past weekend. Still too young at 6 months to be allowed actual qualifying runs, she nevertheless completed the “fun runs” with panache! So proud of you, Harmony! Way to go!

Wait, What Now?

Seriously! This is our Yorkshire Terrier, Pepper, at her first Weight Pull attempt. With a bit of assistance at first she was able to pull a 50 pound cart, pretty impressive considering that’s more than six times her body weight. No qualifying score for her yet, but we might try again.