Shady Oak’s Shiny New Pennie, RA, CGC, TDI, TT

 8 / 21 / 1999 – 2 / 15 / 2013

Also a Texas girl is Pennie, our first Pembroke and the start of our lives in dog sports. After three ACL surgeries, Pennie is now retired from competition and is busy fulfilling her duties as Fun Police. She loves the traveling to classes and shows, but isn’t interested in performing anymore except on her terms.

Part of Pennie’s earlier training included tracking. Tracking in the Southwest means getting “snake-broke”. Pennie was pretty sure before getting broke that she didn’t want to have anything to do with rattlesnakes, but after getting broke she was positive. To test her, we walked back towards the snake and as we got closer she weaved back and forth in front of me to stop me from going further. Finally, after I kept moving forward, she turned around and stood up, front paws on my knees, and leaned against me to stop me from walking towards the snake. We’re safer training now that Pennie the snake-avoider is on the job!

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