What I Got for Mother’s Day (a most appropriate gift)!

Mama Patty

About 10:00 on Sunday night, a very sweet and a little worried red and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi girl named Patty  and her nine (yes 9!) seven-week-old puppies arrived at KeelMtn. Thanks to the mighty Corgi Nation, and some other helpers too, Patty and her brood made their way first from the shelter where Patty’s owner surrendered them when the puppies were 3 weeks, then to a foster who thought their chances were better with a corgi rescue, and then to us. Joan Adams LLYS DRAIG did all the coordination between the first foster and the first driver, Melinda Early, who started off their long journey from south Louisiana, then to Jennifer Pierce who did the middle leg, and then here where they will be fostered, medical needs attended to, socialized, and loved for a little bit. Then comes the best part, they all will find wonderful forever homes!

Hey, we’re tryin’ to sleep here!’

We’ve been told that Patty is 5 years old, although the condition of her teeth make me think she’s actually much younger. At the moment, she’s pretty skinny as most post-partum girls are. She has obviously been a fantastic mother; her puppies are a bundle of silly fun, loving, and happy. They’re all being treated for round and hook worms, a common occurance in puppies raised in less than ideal circumstances, but they are otherwise wonderfully healthy and getting chubbier every day. Unfortunately, Patty is positive for heartworms, also a common occurance for dogs that live outside who are not on heartworm preventative. (On my soapbox now: ALL DOGS NEED TO BE ON HEARTWORM PREVENTATIVE ALL YEAR ALL THE TIME! Heartworm is totally preventable. It can be fatal! Treatment for heartworm is VERY expensive and VERY hard on a dog. Heartworm preventative is simple and inexpensive. KEEP YOUR DOGS ON HEARTWORM PREVENTATIVE!) Patty has started treatment, which will take several months, and we’re hoping she can be successfully treated. (For those of you who are interested in what treatment for heartworm entails, Patty’s Heartworm Protocol used by my veterinarian is here.)

The puppies will need to be with us and Patty until they’re at least 10 weeks old. They are NOT purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Some of them seem to be a little bit terrier, some a little bit dachshund, all of them totally cute! They are smaller than corgi puppies at this age, and since Patty is only 22 pounds herself, I think it’s fairly safe to say they won’t grow up to be more than 20 pounds. At 10 weeks they will have had 2 in a series of 4 vaccinations, will be microchipped, and dewormed. Whoever is still here beyond 12 weeks will have gotten a rabies vaccine in accordance with Alabama law. Whoever is still here beyond 16 weeks will be spay/neutered.  There is an adoption fee and a standards of care contract which includes a speuter requirment and a strict return policy. We will not ship puppies to people unknown to us, unless they can be vouched for, either by a personal relationship or an in person interview and home visit by someone we know.



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