Show Me!

We are back from a 5-day trip to Missouri for the UKC Gateway Nationals Classic. Here’s our weekend wrap-up:

June was Best of Breed all 6 shows, nothing in the group. I just don’t think the judges know what to do with Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

Dori managed to beat the #1 Pembroke Welsh Corgi for Best of Breed once and went on to a Herding Group 4, from huge entries of Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Berger Picards, and Pyrean Shepherds among the rest of the herding breeds in a very large and deep in quality Herding Group. She did this under Richard Beauchamp, a judge whose opinion I really respect.

The star of the weekend was Phoebe, who won Altered Best in Show at both Friday shows and then hung in until that evening for the Herding Group Specialty Show where she won Altered Best in Specialty Show. Not too shabby for a girl who will be 11 years old in January. Phoebe won the Herding Group both shows on Saturday and once on Sunday, but clearly was getting worn out as the weekend progressed. She came home with two giant BIS rosettes, 2 silver bowls, and lots of other loot.

The two little kids, Tony and Charity, came along for the ride and were phenomenal travelers, were loved on by a gazillion of their adoring public, and made friends with a ginormous Caucasian Ovcharka dog who was easily 250 pounds to their 20 pounds.

The Purina Farms venue is outstanding. I was just disappointed as my time didn’t allow me to see anywhere near everything they had to offer. Our days went from about 8am to 8pm; we need a vacation from the vacation!

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