She’s Leaving Home – Bye, Bye!

Bungee in GA

Harmony on her way to TN

Otis at home in Madison

Sad and happy weekend here. Otis, Bungee and Harmony left for their wonderful new lives. Otis hasn’t gone too far – as a matter of fact we’ll be in puppy kindergarten with him and his people soon. We’ll see Bungee and Harmony as well as they partipate in various performance venues in the southeast. That leaves the Fab Four – the three that will be run on here (Cyd, Tony, and Charity) and Georgette, who will stay with us until her people come home from their summer vaction.

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2 Responses to She’s Leaving Home – Bye, Bye!

  1. Ellen says:

    Awesome!Cute as all.Give Georgette our love. Amelia

  2. Leslie says:

    Georgette is learning to be a show girl along with her sisters since I can’t be working with Cyd and Charity and not Georgette too. They can stand still on the table (for a Cheez Whiz bribe) and are learning to walk on a leash. Charity is a natural heeler, the rest would rather walk themselves. Georgette always comes when I call her and quietly waits to be picked up instead jumping into my face and making me bite my tongue like some other puppies I won’t name (Tony)!