Trying to Catch Up!

Where to start? So many thing have happened in the last week, I hardly know where to begin.

The “Broadway musicals” litter had their first professional photo shoot. It was hysterical! The owner of one of Cheery’s puppies from her first litter (Koda’s mom, for those you you who keep track) is a professional photographer. We went to her studio, which is in an older brick building, tall ceilings and cement floors. At 7 weeks there is no real way of posing puppies (or, if there is and you know how, please fill me in), so we just let them run amok and we’ll see what we get. We tried to do the traditional “puppies in a basket” thing, but I think what we got mostly was puppies jumping/falling out of a basket and running around. Can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like. Thanks Renee and Jeff, thay had a blast!

They have also had their temperament tests. Pretty much what I expected, sort of middle of the road with the exception of “pink girl” who is a diva drama queen and has been since day one. And, interestingly, they all seem to be retrievers, hmmm? Thanks so much, Beth!

We also had the “puppy party”! Breeder friends came from Birmingham and beyond to share lunch and evaluate who should be the next show prospects. These ladies have years and years of corgi experience and knowledge of the standard and I was grateful and glad they would give up their Sunday to help me decide. On top of that, they brought gifts for the puppies, which was just over the top! Thanks again Linda, Claudette, Dee Dee, Heidi, Sandra, and Susan for spending the afternoon. The puppies and I had too much fun!

So, here are seven very tired puppies at seven weeks, taken by a very tired photographer and his assistant.

Pink Girl

Light Blue Boy

Light Green Boy

Yellow Girl

White Girl

Black Boy

Dark Green Girl

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2 Responses to Trying to Catch Up!

  1. Marilynn says:

    To the Magnificent Seven: May good fortune be yours and may your joys never end whether you stay at Keel Mtn. or go to new homes.

  2. Ellen says:

    Well. If her first name is “pink girl,” she can’t be anything other than a diva drama queen! Sounds like fun times at the mountain!