What’s Going On?

Well, in addition to the continuous pile of laundry, quite a lot actually!

The tri girl was the first to top the two pound mark and open her eyes this morning.

We do a lot with the puppies, even at this stage. We’re making them into “super dogs”.



And we’re following “The Rule of Sevens”.

— By the time a puppy a puppy is 7 weeks old, it should have:

1. Been on 7 different surfaces: carpet, concrete, wood, vinyl, grass, dirt, gravel, woodchips, etc……

2. Played with 7 different types of objects: big balls, small balls, soft fabric toys, fuzzy toys, squeaky toys, paper or cardboard items, metal items, wooden items, milk jugs, etc…….

3. Been in 7 different locations: front yard, back yard, basement, kitchen, car, garage, laundry room, bathroom, crate, kennel, etc….

4. Met and played with 7 new people: include children and older adults.

5. Been exposed to 7 challenges: climb on a box, climb off a box, go through a tunnel, climb steps, go down steps, climb over obstacles, play hide and seek, go in and out a doorway with a step up or down, run around a fence….

6. Eaten from 7 different containers: metal, plastic, cardboard, paper, china, pie plate, frying pan, etc….

7. Eaten in 7 different locations: crate, yard, kitchen, basement, laundry room, bathroom, x-pen, etc…

The following is a companion piece to the article I posted earlier on fetal development. It tells about the development of the first seven weeks.

Puppy Care First 7 Weeks

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4 Responses to What’s Going On?

  1. Daniela Villagomez says:

    Awwww!!! finally she can see and hear the world around her!! cant wait till they all open their eyes and its great seeing how you prepare them to be “super dogs” 🙂

  2. mandy says:

    Repeat after me (to myself) don’t NEED another Pemmie no matter how cute they are….

    But dang I miss them sometimes 🙂

    • Leslie says:

      Sure you do, Mandy, everybody needs a Pem to keep the Cardis in line. She has some really nice brothers and sisters . . . LOL!

  3. Jinnie says:

    Geez I’m tired just thinking about it, Super dogs are born and made LOL. Have fun!