They’re Here!

Born this am by c-section (18 hours early labor, started full contractions this am, no progress after an hour, Cheery fully dilated but nobody headed toward the exit at all). There are 5 girls, 3 boys – 11.0 to 15.5 oz. Three are tri colored (2 boys, 1 girl), the rest are sable. The ninth was a 5.5 oz. tri girl who we couldn’t get started. 🙁 Cheery and the 8 babies are doing fine, chowing down.


Sorry for the photo. The heat lamp makes everything orange. More after I’ve had a nap!

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6 Responses to They’re Here!

  1. Ron S says:

    Beeeyoootiful babees. And thank you for the web cam. I don’t know why clicking on the link created an invalid URL, but typing the URL directly worked fine.

    Good girl, Cheery.

  2. Ellen says:

    Yay! Exciting news. If you need any ideas for puppy names, I’ve got LOTS! 🙂 Couldn’t connect to webcam; but let that be the least of your worries for now.

  3. Ashley Winfree says:

    This is super exciting! Like Ron S said, typing the URL directly works. Scott and I have been oooing and ahhing over the puppies for over an hour!

  4. janet says:

    Looks so content.

  5. Angela Payne says:

    Enjoying watching Cheery’s pups on the Web cam. What a cool concept!

  6. Daniela Villagomez says:

    awwwww they are just so adorable!!! Bobby and I having been watching all day 🙂 its so cute seeing them cuddle with their mommy. She is such a good mother cleaning them and just being so caring!!