12 Days to Go!

…maybe. I don’t know how Cheery can hang on for 12 more days although she seems more comfortable now than she was a week ago. Possibly the puppies have shifted off of whatever was making her uncomfortable. And air conditioning is a good thing too. She’s still starving even getting double rations. And her belly is just BARELY off the floor.

The whelping box will be set up this weekend and the “puppy cam” installed. We’ll shop for ice cream and cottage cheese soon. Our vet is on speed dial. She had a bath on Saturday and I’ll do her toenails again this weekend too. The headcount xray is scheduled for next Monday evening. We’re getting ready!

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One Response to 12 Days to Go!

  1. Ellen says:

    Can’t wait for the puppy cam to get going! Give Cheery a kiss from us (and Jasper, too)!