Fat Corgis Are Not Cute!

Pudgy, chubby, rolypoly corgis are adorable, aren’t they? I don’t think this “Chunky Monkey” would agree. I had planned to pull her today from a shelter and when I called to see when she could be released into rescue, I was told she was being euthanized due to extreme congestive heart failure. She was five years old.

Please, PLEASE, don’t let your corgis become obese. It is (obviously) a life-limiting condition over which you have complete control. Corgis don’t have opposable thumbs; they can’t open kitchen cabinets and refrigerators. They don’t have money and driver’s licenses; they can’t zoom on down to Mickey D’s and order up a couple of Big Macs. They don’t have cell phones; they can’t call for Domino’s to deliver a pizza. (Much as they would like to.) Pay no attention to how much the chart on the dog food bag tells you to feed; they are selling dog food. Ignore those pleading eyes; your dog is not starving. Pull out a leash instead and go for a walk, you’ll both be healthier for it. Please don’t let your corgi be a fat corgi!

Here’s some more information about the damage obesity does to your dog.


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5 Responses to Fat Corgis Are Not Cute!

  1. Jinnie says:

    They are not cute! Good Post Leslie.

  2. Sandie says:

    Well said! A few months back I stopped buying the store doggy “treats” and replaced them with baby carrots, apples(not the seeds), and sometimes boiled chicken breast, so much healthier, and actually less expensive. Of course there are veggies and fruits that are dangerous to dogs (onions, grapes, and rasins to name a few) checking with their Vet or the Aspca has a really good list on their website.

  3. Sheila says:

    I agree, great post on your blog & on FB. People need to know that corgis aren’t ‘free feeders’, not like a Lhasa I had that would nibble on food all day, picky eater, lived to 16. Not corgis…if I let them, mine would probably eat till they literally exploded. We once had a girl come into rescue that had to lose 15 lbs before the vet would spay her. Not pretty! Thanks for getting the word out, now if people will only listen…

  4. Ellen says:

    At the dog park a couple of weeks ago, we saw a family with an overweight, waddly corgi. Sad! I’m so sorry that little girl succumbed too soon.

  5. Jim says:

    That is so incredibly sad! Folks think that it’s cute and adorable when they are rolly-polly and feed them anything and everything. Breaks my heart that she lost her life at the all to young age of 5, when it could have been so easily prevented…