Our Results from PREMIER 2010!

Let me tell you, Indiana is HOT in July!

Since I had a free weekend, I decided to enter the girls in UKC’s PREMIER (yes, always in caps). It’s their biggest show of the year and their version of Eukanuba. They have a Top Ten competition for the dogs ranked in the Top Ten from the past year, there is Junior Showmanship competition, agility, obedience, rally, dock-diving, weight-pull, many specialties, and probably lots of other stuff I forgot or didn’t know about as well as three days of all-breed shows. This is a big deal! I’m usually an AKC-type, using UKC occasionally for ring practice and puppy socialization. I’m not the only one; I see lots of folks I know from AKC shows and some judges as well. The atmosphere is much more laid back and slow-paced, there are no professional handlers, and most of all – no grooming products! No chalk and mousse, no hairspray, no poodle wigs, no kidding. You can’t take a comb or brush in the ring and it’s up to the judges whether or not they want to allow bait.

So anyway, we packed up the Excursion and north we went. It was worth the 8 hour trip! First of all, Tara KEELMTN ALL GUSSIED UP finally got to meet and go home with her new owner, Robin, who has the UKC #1 ranked Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Am. Ch., GRCH Desprado Louisville Slugger. I can’t wait to hear what fabulous things are in store for Tara in the Great Southwest!

So proud of my girls – here’s what we did at PREMIER:

DORI – Reserve Best Female and Best Female (at a week shy of 7 months from the Breeder/Handler class)


JUNE – Best Female all 3 days and one Best of Winners (at 12 months from the Jr. Female class)


AVA – Champion of Champions 2 days and then Best of Breed over 3 other champions and 7 grand champions, several who are Top Ten ranked and some AKC champions (at 18 months old)

Ava – Lin-Kel Nanteos Cariad

And PHOEBE at 9+ years – Altered Best of Breed all 3 days, Altered Herding Group Two twice, and then won the Altered Herding Group!

That 8 hour trip home didn’t take any time at all! 😉

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3 Responses to Our Results from PREMIER 2010!

  1. HUGE congrats! I”m from Michigan and miss UKC shows. Boy are AKC events a big change! Sadly we don’t have many UKC events in the NW but popularity is picking up. Galaxy wants to start weightpull since she has sooo much fun in my friends backyard 🙂

  2. Sheila says:

    I echo Jinnie’s Wooo Hooo! Great to see all your Pem girls doing so well, & your beauteous Cardi, June! I, too, would like to see some UKC shows in SE TX…They look like such fun! Congrats on all your wins!