Introducing – KeelMtn In High Cotton – Piper!

Piper joins 2 year old Jamie, a Pem boy, and they are both headed for the agility rings in the future. ‘Mom’ Sandy says Piper was not at all intimidated by Jamie, and I’m not surprised. Piper, of all the 6 girls, is her mother’s daughter, and Cheery has never worried about anything or anybody in her life! Piper is ‘in high cotton’ because of all the white up her stifles.

Piper and Jamie


‘Come on, let’s run!’


‘Hey, isn’t that my bed? Isn’t that my toy?’

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One Response to Introducing – KeelMtn In High Cotton – Piper!

  1. Ellen says:

    I realy don’t think Piper cared what Jamie said. Amelia