Introducing – KeelMtn Fixin’ To Go – Tripp!

Tripp has had somewhere to go from the day he was born – at three days I found him sleeping on top of the pig rail and he was the first one to escape from the whelping box. His Auntie Jinnie dubbed him ‘Tripp’ that first week, and so he had to be, in keeping with our Southernisms litter theme – ‘Fixin’ to Go’. Tripp joins Jazz, a 3 year old Pem rescue girl (you can see her story on Our Rescues page) who will undoubtedly explain to him that girls rule! 😉

Tripp with Rick and Jazz

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One Response to Introducing – KeelMtn Fixin’ To Go – Tripp!

  1. Ellen says:

    I think that pic is so cute! Amelia