Who’s Your Daddy? Part II

Here is Chris at 16 months. Still a young dog, he will continue to mature and fill out. And, yes, this is what that little black puppy grew up into. The emergence of the tri coat is interesting and, having not owned a tri colored corgi myself before, it’s been fun to watch as Darla and Tucker’s (going to be Jasper’s) colors have, and will continue to, change.

Tri-umph ‘Taint No Saint

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2 Responses to Who’s Your Daddy? Part II

  1. Jim Kidd says:

    Wow…beautiful! I’m sure both Darla (and now Jasper) will grow to be just as stunning.

  2. Ellen says:

    He looks so different from his puppy pics! It’s hard for me to imagine what Jasper’s going to look like. 🙂