Snowy Cuteness!

It’s just crazy how much cold and wintery weather we are having this year! After all, I thought Alabama was in the south?! Unlike DH and I, the dogs love it. Even the puppies adore playing in it. So here are their 9 week pics; we never did get around to taking formal shots this weekend. The puppies went down the mountain to see Doc Magee on Friday and were pronounced fit and fine. They got their 2nd shots, we did their microchips, and they weigh between 8-10 pounds each!

Oh, and in the “one of these things is not like the others” category – the Yorkie being mauled (lol!) in these photos is our Pepper, otherwise known as “Bratimus Maximus”, known to AKC as “Faer’Steed Chica Pica, RN, CGC, TT”.

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One Response to Snowy Cuteness!

  1. Ellen says:

    I can’t tell how much snow that is on the ground there, but we had more than 3 inches at our house this past weekend! All the neighborhood kids had a blast. I wonder how the puppies would have liked snow that came up past their little bellies?!