Puppy Party!

Yes, I’m woefully behind in posting. These photos are from the puppy party a week ago Sunday. A smallish crowd due to the ugly weather, but good, experienced eyes. And the guys in my office were more than happy to eat the leftovers of lunch on Monday. The puppies had a great time! Thanks to Heidi and Jeri for the photography. (And blame me for the smallness of the pictures. I’m sure I’ve done something wrong; I just can’t figure out what it is. Besides, you just wanted to see the pics, right, rather than wait for me to be technically competent? Good luck with that! ;-))

Linda, Heidi, Janet, Jeri, and me with the kids!

Linda and Janet make their critiques.

Stacking for the folks watching on the cam.

Linda lines up sleeping puppies.

Charlie, at 5, is already a practiced puppy socializer.

That doesn’t look at all comfortable!

If I sleep IN the bowl, nobody can take my food!

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One Response to Puppy Party!

  1. Ellen says:

    I know you guys had a blast! The photos are great — thanks for posting!