Six Weeks

Just can’t believe how much they’ve grown and developed in 6 weeks! They are really little dogs now and so much fun – so happy to see us when we come in the room, so bent on destruction of anything they can get their little teeth on, and they are definitely corgis – they eat everything put in front of them! If you’ve been watching the puppy cam, you’ve noticed that Cheery is mostly off camera all day; we’re slowly getting them them weaned and Cheery is getting reintegrated to the “big dogs”. While I think she’s grateful for the break, she’s always happy to see them in the evening when we put them to bed together.









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2 Responses to Six Weeks

  1. Marian says:

    As “mother” of the sire it’s hard for me to be objective, but I think they are wonderful. Thank you, Leslie, Bob and all the helpers for all the picture taking and socializing of the pups. Leslie, you need to post some of those puppy party candid photos!